The Whisky Show Goes Virtual

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

With the unfortunate news that The Whisky Show would be cancelled, whisky aficionados had no cause for despair. Its replacement, from 2nd October to 9th October, is The Whiskey Exchange’s Virtual Whisky Show, which looks set to take the online whisky tasting world by storm. Far greater in size, ambition and quality than every online tasting that has preceded it, no expenses have been spared to host this tasting behemoth.

There are over 70 tasting packs available, all accompanied by virtual shows hosted by some whisky heavyweights, such as Dave Broom, Ichiro Akuto, Richard Paterson and Mark Gillespie. No stone is left unturned, with tastings from all over the whisky world. Some highlights include:

o Debunking Regionality with Dave Broom

o America with Mark Gillespie

o For the Love of Islay with Sukhinder Singh

o Sukhinder’s Whisky Show Pack with Sukhinder Singh and Billy Abbott

o Food Pairing with Arran with Mariella Romano

There will also be a special blending masterclass with the team behind Johnnie Walker. Following a discussion on the blending process and the sourcing from all corners of Scotland, Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky ambassador Alistair Reynolds will lead a tutored blending session to allow participants to discover the joys of blending.

If this wasn’t enough, there are numerous talks designed for us whisky geeks. Highlights include:

o Whisky Terroir – A Con?

o One of The Greatest Whisky Collections In The World

o Ireland – The Land of Innovation

o Good Sulphur V Bad Sulphur

Tickets for the show are £20, which provides entrance to the virtual show, access to the exhibitor stands, access to demos and masterclasses and an online show guide and magazine. Each individual tasting must be purchased separately. This is not to be missed.

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