Next Week In Virtual Whisky Tasting

With Christmas round the corner, whisky societies are holding some of their last events of the year. Next week is no exception. The virtual whisky week begins on Wednesday with Sussex Whisky Appreciation Society, who will be sampling 5 drams from the Carn Mor Strictly Limited range. Joining SWAG will be the Carn Mor brand ambassador Blair Sterrick, who will provide an insight into their background and the spirit itself. There will also be a 6th special dram – a 1990s vintage from the closed distillery Imperial. This should be a great night!

Also on Wednesday, Celtic Whiskey Shop will host their Midleton Very Rare tasting. Fans of the brand will be treated to 3cl drams of the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 releases, and the event will be hosted by Luke from CWC and Rowan Lacey, brand ambassador for Irish Distillers. MVR is often priced too high for many Irish whiskey drinkers, so the opportunity to try four of them is a fantastic opportunity.

Thursday sees great events on both sides of the Irish Sea. Firstly, the Irish Whiskey Society will hold their annual AGM. Toasting packs will already have been sent to members for what should be a great night. The Dram Society will also be hosting their Story of Japanese Whiskey evening. The drams on offer are fantastic, and this should provide a fascinating introduction to the history of Japanese whiskey.

Friday sees three more exciting events take place. Firstly, Black Country Whisky Society will hold their Christmas tasting event, which quickly sold out upon release. Seeing the six drams on offer, it is no surprise. L Mulligan will also hold their whiskey of the year event. L Mulligan never disappoint with their tastings, including this Bushmills one I was lucky to attend, so this is a no brainer for Irish whiskey fans. At the same time, East Coast Whisky will be hosting their Old and Rarer event. Tickets are a whopping £140, but if you take a look at what’s on offer, it is easy to see why. Have a look below.

Lastly, the Northeast Whisky Society hold their Mack and Cheers evening on Saturday with the ubiquitous Mackmyra. With six superb drams on offer, this should be a great night. Look out for the Moment Körsbärsrök, their new smoky whisky seasoned with German sherry wine.

Check out these tastings and many more on our tastings page.

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