Five Reasons To Join A Whisky Club

Whisky clubs and societies have been around for decades. Whisky clubs have always been a great place for likeminded individuals to meet and share their love of the water of life. If there was a whisky club in your area, it was the perfect way to socialise and join in the shenanigans. With the recent lockdown and issues with pub openings, however, many whisky clubs have ventured online, and have found great success. People from around the UK and Ireland, and even across Europe, can forge friendships online based on their love of whisky. Here we have listed five reasons why you should join a whisky club today:

1. Whisky clubs are a great way to try new whisky from the comfort, and indeed safety, of your home. At the start of lockdown, whisky clubs were restricted to members from their geographical area. This changed, of course, and instead whisky clubs were able to cast their net further, increasing membership and put on some spectacular tastings. Whisky clubs like Black Country Whisky Society, Sussex Whisky Appreciation Group, Heart of England Whisky Alliance and London Whisky Club have consistently put on some of the best tastings in the UK, while the likes of Waterford Whiskey Society and the Irish Whiskey Society have been hosting some excellent online events.

2. Whisky clubs are a great place to further your whisky education. Your whisky knowledge will grow exponentially, as will your thirst for knowledge.

3. Whatsapp groups and Facebook groups of whisky clubs are usually the best way to find information on flash sales and exclusive offers.

4. Fancy a bottle but can’t justify the price? Whisky clubs are the perfect arena for bottle splits, sample sharing and dram swaps. Instead of trying one or two whiskies a month, you could be trying twenty.

5. They are a great way to make new friends and socialise during the current pandemic. Virtual whisky tastings are so much more than seminars, with discussions often branching out in various directions as the drinks flow!

Check out some of the clubs below today, you won’t regret it.

Glasgow Whisky Club

Dublin Whiskey Club

Whiskey Club NI

Cork Whiskey Society

Waterford Whiskey Society

Wessex Whisky Club

London Whisky Club

Manchester Whisky Club

SE23 Whisky Club

Southport Whisky Club

Sussex Whisky Appreciation Group

Birmingham Whisky Club

Black Country Whisky Society

Irish Whiskey Society

Dusties Whisky Club

East City Whisky Club

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